Thermal Imaging Inspection Sydney

thermal imaging inspection
Before going to explain the process of thermal imaging inspection it is necessary to understand that what is thermal imaging and what is its use?

When it becomes difficult to find the pests and insects by our eyes then in that case there is requirement for thermal image camera which detects all types of pests which are not seen with our eyes. The places in your house where light is not much and is a dark place at such places he use of thermal image camera is more because at such places human eye is not able to see the insects or pests. Using thermal imaging it has become an easy process to find all types of pests like termites or other pests. This helps us to find the condition of our property and make us aware with the pests and any other issue. This process should be performed by expert person only who have knowledge and experience to handle thermal image camera and detect the pests.

Using the thermal imaging camera it has become easy process to perform the process of thermal imaging inspection because the thermal image camera is able to detect the location of termites or other pests by finding its energy through floors, stairs, other surface and also the bricks. This thermal image camera is more useful for house made by bricks because it is usually hard to find pests hidden in bricks. Our expert team of inspectors is able to detect all the pests using thermal image camera and will provide you with the detailed and accurate report for the building inspection process.

The main advantages of thermal imaging inspection process are as under:
  • It is usually called as the non damaging method of inspection
  • Easy, fast and effective method for finding all types of pests
  • Thermal image camera is use to find the location and nests for baiting
  • This thermal imaging inspection process can combine with other inspection process for providing a cost effective and fast pest inspection process

Thermal image camera is able to detect following things:
  • Thermal camera finds absence of insulation in walls or ceilings
  • Also finds for any leaky roof
  • Detects faulty electrical wiring
  • Any type of plumbing leaks
  • Also thermal image camera finds damp walls and floors