Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is designed to keep your personal information safe with us. Your privacy is the main concern for us. We take your personal information as you name, your address and your mobile number.

Personal information
We take your brief personal information when you want to ask something from our side like any information or any other query that you have about us. At that time we will give you one form to fill and in that form you have to write your full name, full address, full contact number, and full email id. And then this information is used by us when we receive your and query and want to send you reply for your query to you via phone or email.

Outsider disclosure
We will store your personal information in our secured database and will make sure that no one can make access to that without having permission from your side. And when you will give your permission to share your personal information with the third party then only we will provide your personal information to that third party person.

Cookies are the small text files which are stored on uses computer when they visit our website and keeps record of users existence on our website which helps to note which person makes visit on our website.

Tracking information
When you are doing nothing but surfing our website by browsing and downloading any information from our website in that case we are able to get some basic information about your existence like your server name, date and time of your visit on our website and location from where you are accessing, and also your browser type and server name, etc. all these information we are able to track with the help of your expert trackers who are continuously working to track information and keep web site safe.

Safety of website
We are keeping our website from any kind of harmful or unwanted or unauthorized entry by installing safety software. With the help of these safety software’s, we are able to keep our website safe and secure.