Pool Inspections Sydney

Pool Inspections Sydney
Pool inspection has become a compulsory process to perform when you go for buying a house or selling a house or even renting a house in all these conditions it has become a compulsory process to have a pool safety certificate in record. And if incase you are not having these pool safety certificate in record then you will have to face substantial fines for not having this certificate. The government has established rules by making the pool safety inspection as a compulsory requirement when anybody go for buying, selling or leasing or renting a property.

If you are not having a pool safety certificate in that case you have to face following problems:
  • In case of owner of private property:In this case a pool safety certificate is a compulsory process to be performed. And if you are not having this certificate then the selling process will be delayed. Also the buyer will assume their responsibility and will extend the requisite period to 90 days after settlement
  • In case of landlords: A landlord will not be able to give their property on rent until he has a pool safety certificate
  • Body corporate: every time when a house is sold or given on rent there is requirement for pool safety certificate

If you are not having the pool safety certificate then in that case you have to pay fine and penalties. To avoid the fines and penalties you have to hire licensed and experienced building inspectors to deal with the whole process to perform the process of pool inspection. Our inspectors are able to provide you with the report in two days to their every client. We have no hidden or surprised fees for doing the process of pool inspection. Our pool inspectors are experienced and because of that they are able to deal with the inspection of pool barriers which will help you to feel relax and tension free.

As the government has implemented the new pool safety law in which it is has become a required process to have pool safety certificate for doing any process related to your property.